How we aim to stay next-gen… in a logistics partnership

At RiskMatrix we aim to keep our CURA solution top notch to ensure customer satisfaction across the board. We are happy to announce that we are upgrading our ESSITY Mannheim partner to CURA 4.0.

Is your company looking to optimize its logistics processes on-site? Let’s take a look at CURA together and let’s analyze where it will lift your companies in- & outbound flows to the next level.

“We are always listening to the questions and needs of our partners, realizing a clear alignment with what they require in the field. Our vision and strategy are optimized to be able to act rapidly to a fast changing economy and we are happy to kick our CURA solution in a higher gear”, says Lander Vanwelkenhuyzen, general manager of RiskMatrix.

In detail, ESSITY Mannheim wants to further improve their different in- and outbound flows on-site and off-site with a key focus on:

  • Live follow up and guidance on the road of the carriers
  • Mobile applications to improve operations: Upfront registration and safety processes to avoid human interaction and too much fuss at the registration booth
  • Further integration with internal systems (WMS)

“We are now rounding up a new development project to enhance CURA and bring it into the age of Industry 4.0. We will focus on modular and broader functionalities, more mobile friendly usage, a environment-friendly paperless solution and more insights data for our partners”, Vanwelkenhuyzen continues.

CURA and CURA 4.0 are also very scalable. The solutions offers many out-of-the-box answers to logistical challenges, but it’s also very streamlined to be ‘tailored’ to specific needs.

“We are currently working on project Columbus for ESSITY Mannheim, a specific extension to a new integrated facility for the production of pulp based on alternative fiber from plant-based agricultural by-products. Mannheim is home to the largest European production facility of ESSITY, and we are modifying our CURA solution to fit the needs of this new extension, which is what CURA was made for in the first place.”

RiskMatrix is looking to further implement its CURA solution on the European market in the Netherland, Germany, France and the UK: “With major logistical hubs in both Belgium, our homebase, and Germany, we are focusing to expand in our neighboring countries first, before looking beyond Europe”, says Vanwelkenhuyzen. “In the meantime we keep listening to our existing partners to continuously improve the CURA solution.

CURious about CURA? Check out our website or just drop us a message and we’ll be happy to give you a demo.

(social media photo is a stock photo with ESSITY logo, not the actual ESSITY Mannheim site)

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