Belgian tech innovators RiskMatrix and Pionira are joining forces!

Pionira, specialized in digitizing in, amongst others, logistical documentational flows via their Xynaps-software and RiskMatrix, the company behind CURA, a platform designed to enhance logistical yard management, are joining forces to deliver a superior product to their (future) customers.

“By combining the ease-of-use of CURA with the e-documents expertise of Xynaps, we are effectively taking a major step towards the innovative CURA 4.0 and an improved e-CMR solution to incorporate the digital flow of transport and logistics documentation in our already state-of-the-art yard management platform”, says Frederik Winters, CBO of RiskMatrix.

RiskMatrix and Pionira are looking to fully integrate the e-documents solution into CURA by the end of 2020, with rollouts scheduled as soon as January 2021. This makes CURA the best future-proof investment in efficient and cost effective yard management yet.


“This partnership enables us to keep CURA the most innovative yard management solution on the market and it ensures that we keep offering our users the latest tech… with every update we roll out to them!”


“With partnerships such as this one with Pionira, we are looking to stay ahead of the competition and offer the best and latest to our CURA-users”, says Lander Vanwelkenhuyzen, General Manager of RiskMatrix. “No more paper means that we’re making sure that CURA-users are on par with their logistical management needs.”

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